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Purchase HelpDesk VNC V3 on-line via secure payment processing

HelpDesk VNC has two license options: per support person or unlimited support people.

Per support person license one time charge:

$125 for the first support person

We offer major discounts to companies purchasing for more than one support person. Discounts can only be given when all licenses are purchased at the same time.

$85 for the second support person
$55 for the third support person
$34 for the fourth support person

This license allows for up to four support people to support an unlimited number of remote computers. HelpDesk VNC will be programmed with the IP/Host Name addresses and port numbers that you supply. If you have a dynamic WAN IP address you can supply us with a Host Name that will give you full control over the IP address HelpDesk VNC uses.

Unlimited support people license:

$469 one time charge

This license is for larger companies that have many support people. HelpDesk VNC Client Creator Wizard will allow you to create clients for as many support people as you need.

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